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Help me! I work in a nursing home. My problem is, that our policy states that no meds are to be left at the bedside. Simple. Problem: Some of my coworkers choose to leave the pills there and... Read More

  1. by   Audreyfay
    The nursing home my grandma is in asked that she have a locked drawer where she kept her own vitamins. This would be an option for those type of residents. My grandma wore the key around her neck, for easy access. Then a confused resident would not be able to take her Rx. There also was an MD order for this. As long as she remembered to lock her drawer.... she did well with this for a long time...until a few more brain cells started dying. She actually as cerebral atropy...Imagine being told that your brain is shrinking! She's pretty confused now, so the drawer and the vitamins are no longer. But, it certainly helped keep her happy for a long time.
  2. by   Vailgang
    You are doing the right thing. You always have to remember your liscence.
  3. by   Rustyhammer
    You can do a self-medication assessment on the resident and have her keep the meds in a lock box as mentioned above.
    You can also start writing up previous nurses for leaving meds at bedside. It's a dangerous practice (habit) and one that will get you in trouble sooner or later.
    I have run into this in the past and have just told the resident "I can't leave them by the bedside but will be happy to bring them to you later...just ring. You have until 9".
    They might get irked but your you know what is covered.
  4. by   Paprikat
    Thanks for the replies. I am glad that you guys have backed me up. It is a continual, daily fight with some of them, unfortunately, there is a NO meds at the bedside (that includes puffers, eye drops, etc.), as I work on a floor where there are some moderate dementia patients, which is another fear I have is someone wandering into the room and taking their pills, and I tell my coworkers that do leave the pills, that this WILL happen someday, but they still do.