Hesi A2 entrance exam

  1. hello!
    i just received a letter from the nursing department to take the hesi a2 exam! i am very happy yet totally nervous!! does anyone have any tips on how i can pass this so i can actually start my nursing carrer!!

    thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   ICAN!
    There is a Hesi study guide you can purchase. I thought it was pretty easy but I didn't have to take the A&P part of the test because I had taken my science classes less than five years before applying to nursing. I would say, get the study guide and practice on the parts you are uncomfortable with. Mine was math and I made over 90% across the board on my test. Don't stress about it!
  4. by   latina2brn
    Thanks for your reply! The part that I am really worried about is Chemistry! Hopefully I will be ok.