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  1. by   Agnus
    I guess I have been lucky. I was one of those who prayed for and welcomed menopause. (endometriosis, and fibroids)
    It was kind of funny. I did not get hot flashes until AFTER my periods stopped completely. They started the month after I had my last one. They lasted nor more than 12 months.

    My philosophy was. Yes, I am having a hot flash. In 5-8 minutes I will have forgotten about it all together. They passed that quickly. Maybe they last longer for other. I hope not. They were harmless and a minor annoyance. The night sweats were kind of weird but again harmless. I guess after the pain, nausia, etc that I had experienced over the years with my periods I saw this as trivial. Or maybe I was spared something.
    I remember hearing some of my fellow students in nursing school theorize that if you had hard periods you had a hard menopause, until I told them about mine.
  2. by   mattsmom81
    I wouldn't mind the night sweats so much if they wouldn't wake me UP. Maybe I should just get on a sleeper...LOL!

    I have fibroids too so, so yes, I am definitely looking forward to menopause...I am 'pre' now and hangin' in there...hehe!