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    I'm very upset. I went to the doctor and found out I have a positive Hep C antibody and underwent more testing to check my viral load. Unfortunately the labs won't be back until next week at the earliest. I have no idea how this happened except I had a needle stick but am unsure that if it was contaminated with my patients hep c blood. I was new to nights and was tired and stuck my self giving a subq heparin. The patient told me I hadn't stuck her and I didn't think I had stuck her either. The needle stick was deep. All this happened roughly five months ago. I never reported it because I was so sure I hadn't stuck her before myself. The needle had no blood on it but it pierced through my glove. This has been the worst week of my life and the only comfort I will probably have is hearing other people's stories. Has anyone else been stuck and tested positive but had no viral load? So far my PT and INR calendar back normal. I'm just freaking out and am constantly stressed over this.
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  3. by   brownbook
    My friend, a nurse who didn't report a few "minor" needle sticks over her career, has the same diagnosis. Hepatitis is the most confusing viral illness in the universe!

    I was listening to Doctor Radio on Sirius, bonafied doctors, scientists, etc. One show had experts who were attending an international symposium on hepatitis, talk about hepatitis and take calls. The host doctor, and even the experts, admitted it can be very confusing!

    You may just be surface antigen positive like my friend. I still don't understand it, but the bottom line is she is fine, she will not die from hepatitis or liver cancer. She didn't even need any extensive tests outside of blood work, no liver biopsy, etc. She gets routine labs once a year, her liver is fine.

    I know you are scared. My friend, when she and I, tried to do some research, got scary advise from knowledgeable sources, including doctors, such as, you need to be under the care of a gastroenterologist, you must have a liver biopsy, etc. None of which is necessarily true according to experts.

    I can't stop you from being scared. Go to your doctor with a list of questions. Realize you may not understand it all. Even your general practice doctor, if they are honest, may not know all the answers. Ask A LOT of questions before anyone tells you you have to have a liver biopsy. Make sure you are talking to a doctor who is really up to date on hepatitis. (In other words get a second opinion.)
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    Have you ever been tested for it before? I know this is touchy, but a needlestick is not the only vector of transmission.