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Its been 4 weeks into nursing school and I'm having panic attacks. Now it's occurring during tests and seriously effecting my grades. I study and study and my mind goes blank, (I get dizzy,... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Please get medical attention asap. Don't play with your health, mental or physical. If the breathing exercises fail, please get a professional's assistance. No one should have to live like this....I know, cause I have had panic/anxiety problems on and off myself.
  2. by   cisco
    It's horrible going through a panic attack, so I really feel for you. Visit your Dr. and request xanax the lowest dose. When you feel an attack coming on you can break the tablet in half and put 1/2 under your tongue where it will dissolve right away and gets into your blood stream. You'll start to feel the calming effects within 2 to 4 minutes...if not you can take the other half. Of course not while in clinicals...deep breathing here only. They do this in the ER, the pill has a bitter taste but it only lasts a short time.

    Also I would suggest to get yourself a good multi vitamin/mineral and a good B complex vitamin (50 to 100mg) take qd - bid. The B vitamins really help with stress. Fish oil capsules (omega-3) really help with memory, mood as well as joints and cardiovascular health. I agree with sharing what you're going through with your instructors and even the dean of the nursing shcool to make sure she's on board too. Good Luck.