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  1. I'm going to graduate in May and I'm going to be working on the floor that I'm already a nurse apprentice on, which is pretty much working as a CNA. When I graduate and take on the new role as graduate nurse/registered nurse, I'm not for sure how some of the other CNA's and LPN's will treat me. I get along great with everyone I work with, but I'm not for sure if they will take me serious if I delegate something to them? Any suggestions?
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  3. by   CindyJRN
    First let me congratulate you! It can be somewhat intimidating switching roles, but you also now know what it's like "on the other side". Let your conscience be your guide. Don't fall into "well, I want to be friends with everyone" or "Me RN-you under me". If your coworkers respect you now, it will be the same when you switch roles. Be confident but not cocky in your directions and leadership. And a BIG welcome to the Profession.
  4. by   Cascadians
    Review your State BoN rules / conditions / procedures / specific tasks / for delegation for the setting you will be working.

    Then review the same for your workplace.

    The two are not always the same!

    See these in writing.
  5. by   jones58
    I worked as a CNA for 8 years and then went to be an LPN. I now work on the same floor with the same CNA's, but now I'm the nurse. In the beginning it was strange to ask them to do things, but it gets easier. Patient care is everyone's responsibility. Always remember that the job CNA's do is important. Teamwork is very important. Respect each other.
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  6. by   kaycee
    It may be tough initially but hang in there. You already respect what they do because you've been there. Continue in that frame of mind and they will learn to respect what you do now.
    Good luck in your new role and welcome!