help please-isolation technique question

  1. Can you tell me the correct technique for removal of barriers,(gloves, gown, mask, eyewear) when leaving patient's room? The parts that are most confusing to me are; when to remove eyewear, gloves on or off when removing eyewear, and what to do with contaminated, but not disposable eyewear? Your suggestions are appreciated. (names reference materials you use would be appreciated). Thanks!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Go to:

    scroll down about 1/2 the page til you see a section titled, National Center for Infectious Diseases, click on that.

    Most, if not all, hospitals have an Infection Control Nurse or Nurse Epidemiologist. S/he is an excellent resource for isolation issues.

    Also, most hospitals base their Isolation Policies and Proceedures on the CDC recommendations.
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    I see prmenrs beat me to it. CDC is THE authority on bugs and beasties and things that go bump in the night etc.
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