help... need advice.

  1. Hi, im really interested in being a nurse, because I am a people person, and the medical field really interests me. I also dont mind "gross" stuff. anyways

    I have been reading up about how nurses get back injuries quite often, why is this? cant it be easily prevented? (like with back braces?)

    the reason i ask is that i hurt my back in highschool lifting weights (yeah im a guy), I am okay now, I am very active and athletic. But i dont want to go into something that is going to be guaranteed reinjuring to my back. What should I do? Are there parts of nursing that are less physical than others?

    the medical field is really something i want to do, i really appreciate all of your advice.
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I dont know that nursing is more prone to back injuries than working a loading dock or somekind of sedentary job. Secretaries have back problems because of improper bending/lifting too. Back injuries happen because of poor body mechanics more than anything. Learning how and implementing the proper way to lift and move is as important in keeping yourself healthy as diet is.

    A previous back injury shouldnt scare you off if you really think you want to go into nursing/medical field. There are those of us (me included) who have had back surgery and recovered and continue to be as acitive as before, and there are as many probly that have had injuries/surgeries that still bother them.
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    don't let the fear of injuring your back keep you from doing what will make you happy.

    true, a lot of nurses have gotten back injuries in their line of work. Some because they use improper body mechanics or what have you.

    But there are many options available now like mechanical lifts and we even have an attendent team at my facility that does nothing but pt transfers to cut down on this risk.

    And another thing, and I hope i don't get flamed for this, but women are not built like men as far as heavy lifting and being as the majority of nurses are women...this might come into play with the high statistics of back injuries...oh yeah...and short staffing doesn't help either!!!! Hard to move a pt OOB on your own.