Help! My nerves are getting the better of me!

  1. I posted a similar thread in the student forum section, but I thought I might post here since I wasen't getting too many responses. I am in a cna course and we just had finals this past weekend. I didn't pass the skills test but passed the written test with flying colors. You have to perform 5 skills on a manequin with my three instructors watching you. I quit in the middle because I was getting all shaky and light headed. It's really hard for me because I get all self contious with them watching and talking to the manequin. The good thing is that I can re-take it one more time but if I don't pass then, I will have to retake the whole course. I am very familiar with the information so I am well prepared. Does any one have any tips to deal with this "test anxiety"? Thanks in advance. :kiss

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  3. by   l.rae
    can you practice some more before the skills test?...would any of the instructors be willing to go over it with you in a practice session?...or perhaps one of your classmates......which skills are you getting chkd off on?.........LR
  4. by   Freshman RN
    They know that you are nervous, just picture them in their undies, go for it!
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  6. by   SandyB
    Hey, cactus, I have heard of that working great. Good idea.
    Anyone out there ever used it?
  7. by   Dionysus
    I've heard eating banana's help a great deal with anxiety, but haven't seen any research yet to back it up. (I guess that's what you get when you hang out with a bunch of nervous musicians :roll )

    But really, in those testing situations, you just gotta relax. Take a deep breaths, and do your best. Prepare your material, and get lots of practice. Practice with classmates, family members, friends, mannequins, anything. Just get in that practice.
    I also get very self contious during these types of exams. I remember my first one, it was just a simple B/P, RR, and pulse check off. During the B/P I got extremely light headed and the dial on the pressure guage started to go blurry! Try working your way through that!~ Anyway's, I took a second, collected myself, told myslef "You can do it" and finished the exam with no major problems. I guess what i'm trying to say is, any trouble you may be having, it can be overcome. Just take your time, and be confident. Success!

  8. by   future_guru
    Everybody gets a little anxious when having to perform in front of others. The further along you get in your nursing education, the harder the skills testing will be.

    Instructers are watching not only how well you perform your skills but how well you perform them under pressure. Make sure you are very comfortable doing the skills. Keep practicing on others.

    And remember, these same instructors had to be tested in the same manner you are. They are just people. If it helps, imagine the mannequin is a family member or somebody you like (can't hurt).

    You'll do fine.
  9. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Thanks you guys for all the great ideas and support! The skills I was going to do were oral care, partial bed bath, peri care, dressing, and transfer from a bed to a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the instuctors will not help because this is a test and it would give me an unfair advantage over the other students, which is okay because I KNOW how to do the skills so once I get over my nerves, than I will do fine. I've been practicing my skills on my body pillow. :chuckle Where do you get Inderol? I'll go buy a bunch of banannas before the test. What makes them relieve anxiety? Maybe the potassium? I know that kiwi's also have alot of potassium if you eat the skin with it. Hmm. Thanks for all the support and I'll keep you updated on what happens. :kiss

  10. by   cactus wren
    Originally posted by SandyB
    Hey, cactus, I have heard of that working great. Good idea.
    Anyone out there ever used it?
    First time that I did ACLS i took 25 mg. Inderal before we tested out..back in those days that was ahorrid day long ordeal !!!( So glad those days are gone).. As I was a newbie Rn, an experianced friend in the class gave me the heads up...actually did a test run of it a week or so before, to make sure it wouldn`t block my heart down too much....And it really seemed to help me keep my cool..anyways i passed....have also known people who were not public speakers take it before they had to give a big speach.and have heard it given for extreme stage fright...
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    Originally posted by SandyB
    Hey, cactus, I have heard of that working great. Good idea.
    Anyone out there ever used it?
    Yea, I have but then they want to know what I am laughing about. Pretty hard to explain.