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Tis the season...every fall and winter my hands get so dry they crack and bleed. I literally have blood visible under my gloves. I have tried ALL kinds of creams and lotions, I bought a parrafin... Read More

  1. by   sixes
    Originally posted by MaryMaryH
    Do you have a website that sells the Ozonel cream for a good price?

    Thanks for the chat


    Ozonol can be bought OTC at any drug store here in Ontario Canada
    It is made by Bayer Inc. Toronto Ontario
    Ask your local Pharmacy

    I use it for everything
    It will not sting on any cut and also prevents dressing from sticking
    Major use is for small cuts, skin irritations. minor burns, insect bites, chafing , and chapping
    Old remedy but it works all the time
    Hope this is helpful
    Cost about $ 6.00 canadian
  2. by   MaryMaryH
    Thanks for the information. I will track it down and try it. Still love my Soft-E-Lotion though. I have yet to find any other lotion with such high amounts of antioxidnats in them.

    Well, off to work.

  3. by   MaryMaryH

    I was just talking with a relative that is pregnant and I had told her about that Soft-E-Lotion I used. She is getting a few stretch marks and is in her 2nd tri-m at this time. She has started using the lotion adn she said it has reduced the appearance of her stretch marks and that no new ones are coming out! Just though I would share in case any of you were pregnant or had some exsiting pregnancy scars or stretch marks.

    Have a good week all,
  4. by   Marcus
    Hello; hope this helps:
    try washing your hands with lukewarm rather than hot water and when drying use a dabbing/blotting action. Might be worth badgering your employer for a softer and more absorbent make of disposable towel if that's an option.
    Sorry if this is blindingly obvious-and don't forget the cream!
  5. by   legsmalone
    I didn't read through all the posts, so I hope this isn't a repeat, but I have found that my hands are helped a ton by The Body Shops Body Butter. It isn't petroleum or mineral oil based, so you could use it at work, but I just put it on AM and PM. I am currently using the blueberry scent, very nice! My skin survives work and my nails grow in so nicely now, no cracking or splitting!
  6. by   nursemouse
    Guys, I may be repeating what has already been said, but do be careful with your lotions at work. I admit I haven't researched this myself, but our infection control nurse has said that some lotions can impair the integrity of the glove and cause micro-tears that may admit pathogens to your poor, broken hands. BTW: I did wind up with a hard to treat infection to a cracked finger previously- with the same resistant bug my patient had! And yes, I WAS wearing gloves. I don't want any of you to go through what I did! :kiss