HELP me find a job doing insurance physicals

  1. Hi all!

    I am trying to find a job doing life insurance or medical insurance physicals. (the kind where the nurse goes to the applicants home or business, and does a physical assessment, blood draws, etc) I cant seem to find out where these type of jobs are.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    I already do long term care insurance assessments, but would like to do more of this type of work.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the web but am unsure of where to look.
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  3. by   Q.

    I used to do record review and risk assessment for a life insurance company, Northwestern Mutual Life - and I believe the paramedical service we contracted with to do exams was called ExamOne. The insurance company's home office was based in Milwaukee, WI but they had agencies throughout the country who contracted with either smaller versions of ExamOne of other paramedical agencies.

    Perhaps investigate what services insurance companies in your area use and apply directly. If there is an NML agency in your area, contact that agency and ask them to refer you to thier paramedical service.

    Good luck.
  4. by   LindaHP
    Hi, thank you for all the good info. Wondering if that "paramedical" company utilized R.N.s or ? The company I work for now uses R.N.s and L.P.N.s. Mainly because we are assessing their risk for cognitive problems.

    I have also always wondered how I could do a physical that would include a blood draw without an M.D. order. How does that work within the guidelines of Registered Nurses?

    This type of work seems to pay the highest and yet still flexible within my kid's school times.

    thanks for any info.

  5. by   wildtime88
    I actually did this a couple of years ago.

    There are many companies that offer these services. The best way to find out who is available in your area is to contact all your local life insurance agents.

    You are paid based on the services you provide with each separate applicant. The service can range from a simple health questionnaire, a blood draw, collecting a urine specimen, an EKG, or any combination of these. Some companies provide a drop off location for you to use a centrifuge to spin the blood as well as pay for shipping of the collection kits. Other companies require you to buy or lease a centrifuge and pay for shipping of your kits.

    Some companies pay a flat rate charge for each a service while others pay on a sliding scale based on productivity for the month.

    Applicants are sometimes hard to schedule and will not flex in the time they are available which can mean a lot of driving and night hours traveling directly to their home. Some are more than willing to come to your home or meet you at the company's office or insurance office.

    There is a physician's order to perform the testing, but you never see it. The insurance companies also contract with physicians who supply the needed orders.
  6. by   Q.
    The paramed exams I reviewed were done by either an RN or LPN. I don't think it mattered and I don't think the paramed company preferred one or the other.

    Wild is right in that you basically collect samples, EKG's etc and do a host of health hx type questions.

    As far as orders for blood draws, etc. I don't believe an order is necessary as you are doing this under client consent. The insurance company you are contracted with will require these tests depending on the amount of insurance the client is applying for. They have the right to refuse these tests but then the life insurance company has the right to refuse the amount they are looking for.

    All the tests are done on a voluntary basis so I believe an MD order is not necessary.
  7. by   LindaHP
    Thank you to both of you, that gives me some info to go on. The company I work for now, doing long term care insurance assessments allows me to dicate which zip codes I will work in. So I only work in the ones within half an hour of my home. So far most people are flexible.

    I am imagining that people applying for life insurance are younger and busier, though.

    I am going to follow up on all these ideas. Thank you so much. I simply have to find some work that fits in with my kid's school schedule.
  8. by   Katina Hafi
    I realize it was quite a while ago when you posted these questions. I too am looking to do insurance "nursing". What did you find to be your best route in obtaining this postion? Did it work out? What company did/do you work for. My kids are starting school, and I want to be able to be an active parent in the school system, not just dump my kids off everyday to let someone else take care of.