help me

  1. how are you every body?
    i hope you are ok
    iam your friend thewolf11 from jordan

    infact, i need your help, because i cant take decision
    iam graduated in 2/ 2006

    i have 3 good chanses to work
    1- in jordan university hospital in medical icu
    2- in jordan university hospital in pediatric icu
    3- case manager (coordinator ) in ALHUSAIN CENTER FOR CANCER

    please help me to decide any one is pest

    thank you
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  3. by   muffie
    you have just graduated and probably don't have oncology experience
    why not get good icu experience with adults
    then when other opportunities come up you are better qualified
    however, casemanager is probably a day job!

    good luck
  4. by   kukukajoo
    Do what YOU want to do! What do you see yourself doing in a few years? Do you plan on continuing your education and if so, does that need a certain amount of experience?
  5. by   bargainhound
    What wonderful choices for you!

    All 3 have great futures as far as demand/educating/career growth/training
    and for your future income possibilities.

    What are you most comfortable with?

    What would you like to learn the most about?

    What would you enjoy doing the most now and in the future?
  6. by   thewolf11
    thank you my friends for your respons