Help Is This Legal???

  1. I Am New To This Forum...but I Am Facing A Ethical Issue.. Illegal Drug Usage Is Illegal For Nurses But What Is The Nursing Board Take On This... Info ....spouse Has Been Issued A Prescription For Medical Marijuana... Obviously,the State Is California...doctors Tell Patient Give You Prescription; But Sign A Disclosure Saying If You Get In Trouble Tough Luck. The Police Department Said Be Discreet Because We Prefer To Enforce State Law Not Federal Law... But Nursing Board Sez Lose Your License If A Medical Professional Has Fratenization W/ Drug Users... So I Need Info... Any Body Have Info On This Situation.. And Sorry For My Breach Of Good Manners,, I Will Formally Introduce At My Next Message
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  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    We're pretty limited on this board per TOS with giving any legal advice. Your best bet is to contact your state BON and get some clarification.

  4. by   Tweety
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    That is a good question. Perhaps someone knows, but the best place to go is your state board.

    I would think if the person has a prescription and is using it medically, then you aren't fraternizing with an illegal drug user in your state. It is the individual states that govern the nurses in their state. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION NOT AN ANSWER.

    Good luck to you. Please note that having the first letter of each word capatalized makes for a difficult read and I don't recommend you type that way. Thanks.