Help finding a VN program in San Antonio

  1. I'm currently in my level 1 courses in a PN program in Missouri, and we just found out that my husband is being transferred to Ft. Sam in San Antonio. I'm trying to locate a program that I can get into at 2nd level. Does anyone have any ideas???
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Here you go for nursing schools in Texas:

    Just read through it.
  4. by   jenlynnrn
    Try the Baptist Health System School of Nursing, great school.
  5. by   nicolel1182
    i live in san antonio and i would not choose the baptist...

    i would pick either st phillips college (

    or the galen health institute (the school i went to) at
  6. by   nicolel1182
    oh btw ft sam is close to st phillips
  7. by   jenlynnrn
    Baptist was a great nursing school, I went from not knowing anything about nursing and hospitals to being very comfortable on my first day in the ICU. Baptist also has the highest NCLEX pass rate and they have a good rep around town. St Phillips is just a community college that teaches nursing. Baptist is also close to Ft. Sam.