Help!!!! Experienced Nurses!!

  1. I need advice!!! Especially you 'oldie goldies!'

    I have decided to go to grad school, but am having a really hard time finding programs and/or deciding which field to go into. I went to, but most of the programs I'm interested in are at a school 2 hours away!!

    Have any of you gotten your master's degree from a school such a long distance away? I'm REALLY interested in forensics, but am wary as I'm not sure I'd even get a job doing what I want to do. I found a program in criminology/forensics with a concentration in laboratory and DNA collection.

    Does anybody know anything about this stuff? Are there really jobs out there, or would it be a waste of time and money? I want to be a S.A.N.E./F.N.E., but am unsure of the path to take.

    Oh, and one more thing....

    HOW HARD IS THE GRE????????????

    Thanks in advance, y'all!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   P_RN
    I didn't find the GRE to be terribly hard. I didn't do as well as if I had let less time elapse between school and taking it.

    Where in NC are you . I would think Duke would have such wouldn't it? Perhaps checking with some of the biotech firms in the triangle?
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  5. by   carolinaRN
    You know, East Carolina isn't really that far away for something you really wanted. Do they have the program there that interests you? The better job opportunities lie within the FNP type things. Doesn't Dook offer some type of S.A.N.E. training? Good luck deciding; I wish I had your drive.
  6. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Kday..have you considered having your hospital sponsor you in a SANE program? We have SANE programs here in Richmond and hospitals are sponsoring RNs for the program..

    Don't sweat the GRE..not a big deal. Take it once for the experience and if you need to retake, you will have some evidence about where you need to concentrate.

  7. by   WashYaHands

    This program is in Colorado. I'm not sure how far they've gotten with their distance learning program, but I know they offer courses online. I have a few friends that are in the Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist program. Hope this provides some info for you.