Help ? Bout Nursin Career!!!

  1. i will be goin to collge startin dis fall. and my plan is to become a
    nurse one of these days. but i have a prob. i am visually impared. i
    have always been intersted in the medical field. i am now a CNA, i
    volunteer at nursin homes and hospitals. i aslo volunteered at a rehab
    for PTA. i thought i wanted to become and PT but turn out the
    i didnt like it. so i decided to choose a nurse as my career. can u
    me on ne suggestion wut kind of nurse you think i can do w/ my
    disablity?? please let me know n email me at
    thanks i would appreciate it AND PLEASE PASS THE WORD!!!16
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  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Hummm... Don't know of any thing a visually impaired nurse could do, Wonder how you are reading these boards? Forgive me if I sound stupid here, but are you for real? or are you just playing with us? ( Just A Question... No offense I hope)
    You cant be so sure sometimes, judging from the spelling, I am not so sure this is legit... What do you all think???
    Sorry If I am assumimg anything here... I know what they say about Assume... But..... well, what do you all think here?
  4. by   Tweety
    What is this? Homecoming for all trolls week?