Help! Been out of profession for 8 yrs--How do I get back in??

  1. Hi everyone! Obviously I'm new to the site. Has anyone else been in this predicament? I've been a stay at home mom for the past 8 years to 3 kids ( 8,6, and 7 months) I need to go back for financial reasons (but who doesn't) within the next 6 months. I had 7 years of M/B and nursery experience prior to quitting but no formal L&D experience. I'm very nervous to get back in-- so much has changed and my skills and knowledge base are out the window in my opinion. Unlike some people out there I don't feel like everything comes flooding back as soon as you set foot in a hospital.
    I don't know of any classes to take in my area. Would a really good orientation be just as good?
    My other question would be with having 3 small children, I'm not looking to work full-time and get dragged into that whole rat race again. My family remains my priority. But not having recent experience do I need to go back to the hospital and working terrible shifts, w/e, and holidays to get experience again or could I go work in a clinic? Do clinics or offices provide decent orientations? Any advice or info would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   ukstudent
    Call all the local nursing schools, including the community college. Refresher classes are not always advertised well. Call around and see if any are offered. Call your local hospitals, LTC places and find out what they require. In some places there is a nursing shortage and just having a license is enough to get a job, in other places there is a glut and they only want nurses with current experience in that area of nursing.

    Welcome to allnurses, hopefully someone else can help you more.:groupwelcome:
  4. by   Sippy RN
    Hi, I'm new to the site too.. Tough situation to be in, but I am sure something can work out. I definitely would contact your local hospitals first. My suggestion is to go for a smaller general hospitals rather than a large facility.. A community hospital is ideal so that the pace will be a bit slower and the orientation will be more thorough. Although it may be tempting to go through a nursing agency, (they will quote higher pay, flexible schedules, etc).. the expectation of a per diem RN or a travel RN is quite high and hospitals will expect you to hit the ground running as a per diem or travel RN. Also, doctors' offices may be a good route to take as well... check out your own doctors or peditrician's office... beware however, it is harder to land a hospital job if your most recent experience is not hospital base.. I hope this helps.
  5. by   SweetOldWorld
    Hi, I was out for 8 years and came back. In my case, in med/surg. First question, is your license still active?

    I took a refresher course at the hospital I ended up working at, and then got a nice long orientation on my floor. Yes, many things changed in 8 years, but a lot was the same too. I had to work full-time days Mon-Fri during my initial orientation, but then pretty much got to pick my shift and # of hours I wanted. My hospital was very encouraging and helpful. I know I am lucky.

    Your state's Board of Nursing may have a list of refresher courses in your state. I know mine does. I don't know if an orientation alone would be good enough to get back into it. It would depend on the particular institution and your state's laws. It wouldn't hurt to go on some interviews and ask questions. Good luck and welcome back to nursing! Let us know what you decide.
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    Welcome. Since you're asking a question, I'm going to move your question out ot the Introuductions forum.

    Good luck!