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  1. Hello, my name is Alison and I will graduate from nursing school here in Santa Fe, NM in May 2007. I am pregnant with a baby boy who is due in April 2007. (It's gonna be close, but I'm bound and determined). I really want to move back to California after I have the baby because that is where my family is. But I just found out that I can't go straight to CA and get my license because the clinical hour requirement there (for school) is 900 hours! When I am done in my program I will have completed about 600+ hours. So, I will have to get my license here first. But I am I going to have a problem transferring it right away? Do I need to work here for a few months first? Has anyone gone straight from the area that New Mexico compacts with to California? I feel like it shouldn't be this frustrating, after all the NCLEX is a nationwide test now. Why isn't your license good anywhere anyway? Why do each of the states have different requirements? It seems that if they were all the same it would make so much more sense. Isn't there a National League of Nurses? Help!!!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses. Post moved for more views and hopefully someone will come along and answer your questions.
  4. by   seasider
    I heard from a couple of my friends that endorsing from a compact state license to a Cali license will take about half a year or so...

    Not really sure so you can verify from other people.
  5. by   MMBWRKNG40
    Boy, I do not know either. Once you obtain your license, I know you can obtain 1 for other states by endorsement. I do not know about your particular issue. Why don;t you notify the Board of Nursing and inquire the specifics from where the rules are made/applied.

    Congratulations on your upcoming birth and graduation.