help about CABG

  1. hello guys

    im nursing student 3rd year. I just want to ask on what drapings for the patient during the CABG operation? like how many towels, small sheets, CABG sheet and please help me with the other drapings.

    I also want to ask if anybody knows what the incision on the leg for endoscopic saphenous vein harvesting is called?
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  3. by   JAHJF
    Can't help w/# of drapes, but when I worked Step-down we always called the leg incisions - vasoviews?
  4. by   jmgrn65
    I have worked stepdown for cabg for over 14 years, we don't call the leg incision anything we refer to it as rt lower leg incsion or wherever it is. Never heard of vasoviews.
    Can't help with the drapes, why on earth would you need to know how many drapes?
  5. by   tcwmntcwtdod
    but isnt it that nurses are the one who prepares and hands in the drapes? do you have any idea of what they call the drape in the legs the one that looks like yellow cellophane which adheres like plastic
  6. by   tcwmntcwtdod
    and also are there any other incisions involved in CABG other than the main median sternotomy incision?
  7. by   tvccrn
    You might get a better response on this in the perioperative forum. For the General nursing population, we don't deal with the draping and the official names of incisions and such. To the majority, they would be sternotomy or chest incision and right/left leg incisions.