HELP a nursing student: "Chinese health practices: research paper"

  1. Hello everyone! I am a nursing student in my last semester of school. I am currently in my community rotation and have chosen to do my research paper on "Chinese health beliefs & practices and how it affects the role of nurses in the Boston community."
    I am in search of any suggestions on resouces (books, articles, health centers, hospitals, etc.) I am especially looking for any statistics or demograghics.

    thankyou for helping!!!
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  3. by   LoriUSAFRN
    Hopefully I can help-

    I'm currently working on my MSN grad project on cultural diversity.

    US census 2000 website might get you the demographics you need. I don't have the exact web site handy, but type US census into a search engine and you'll probably get a hit.

    The book Transcultural Nursing: Assessment and Intervention by Giger and Davidhizar 1999, Mosby is good.

    There is an entire chapter re: Chinese Americans that addresses what you're looking for and more.

    Another book that has a lot of good stuff in it is Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care by Andrews and Boyd 3rd ed. 1999, Lippincott.

    I got both of these books from They offer fast service and if you don't like the book, they give a full refund.

    Good luck with your class. Hope this helps.

  4. by   -jt
    heres something going on in Chinatown, NYC:

    this example is an outreach program from one neighborhood hospital & is funded by businesses and associations in that neighborhood.....

    "East Meets West
    Waiwah Chung, RN, BSN, is community health nurse coordinator at the NYU Downtown Hospitals Chinese Community Partnership for Health, an innovative community-based initiative formed through a collaboration of NYU Downtown Hospital with 32 leading Chinese business, civic, and family associations. This nationally replicated program has been instrumental in helping the formerly underserved Chinese population, many of whom are new immigrants and
    unfamiliar with Western medicine, to access traditional western medical care that remains respectful of their culture, tradition, and heritage.......

    Many of the clients we serve have no medical insurance or legal immigration status, do not speak English, and are afraid to go to more Western traditional healthcare institutions.........."
    for the full article, go to: