1. Can someone tell me the differance between a Nursing Assistant and a Medicaid Nurse Aide?
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  3. by   bethin
    Do you mean medication aide?

    If so, in my state, medication aides are just cna's that have taken an extra class so they can pass pills. They cannot do treatments or injections.
  4. by   keaton90
    At my local college I can take a medicaid nurse aide or nursing assistant skills class to get my certificate in Medicaid Nurse Aide. Is a Medicaid Nurse Aide a Nursing Assistant?
  5. by   Xbox Live Addict
    I think that the certification one would get from this program would allow them to perform as nursing assistants in a Medicaid-certified long-term care facility, under the supervision of a licensed nurse. That is how I understand this, but I am thinking in terms of how things are done in Oklahoma, which may be quite different from Kentucky laws regarding scope of practice.
  6. by   leslymill
    medicaid nurse aide
    the medicaid nurse aide program prepares students to provide care to individuals in long term care facilities. the curriculum combines classroom theory, laboratory practice, and clinical experience under the direction of a registered nurse. graduates of the program are eligible to take the test for inclusion on the kentucky nurse aide registry.
    a student who has been accepted into the medicaid nurse aide program must complete a minimum of 75 hours in lecture and clinical experiences that prepare the individual to take both a written and a performance test to validate competence. upon successful completion of the nurse aide program and testing to validate competency, the nurse aide is placed on the state nurse aide registry to verify that the nurse aide is in good standing. good standing on the nurse aide registry is a federal requirement to work in any long-term care facility that receives federal funds.

    this is an indiana school but it places cna and qma's in louisville kentucky. found diddly squat on the kentucky sbon site.

    105 hours indiana state department of health (isdh) nurse aide training program.
    i job placement assistance.
    cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification (cpr).
    li stethoscope. ..................................................
    gait belt (used to transfer your patients). ...............................................nea t
    tuberculoses testing.
    training manual.
    identification badge.
    copy of your file upon completion of the course.
    certification in the state of indiana, transferable to kentucky (can apply for kentucky certification after being placed on indiana registry, no added costs or testing is required) .
    the cna's work activities include the following;
    [color=#00309c]work with other members of the nursing team and read chart notes.
    [color=#00309c]observe and report the blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature of patients.
    [color=#00309c]assist patients with walking, bathing, elimination, dressing, and eating.
    [color=#00309c]observe and report vital signs, food intake, and liquid output of patients.
    [color=#00309c]move patients by gurney or wheelchair.
    [color=#00309c]clean rooms and change bed linens.
    [color=#00309c]certified nurse aides typically work in; nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospice, home health, or private duty. starting pay rates range from $8 to $14 dollars per hour

    med aid

    [color=#00309c]due to our state's nursing shortage qualified medication aides are in demand.
    [color=#00309c]learn how to pass medications,
    [color=#00309c]administer medications via g-tube,
    [color=#00309c]treatment of pressure areas &1st degree burns,
    [color=#00309c]medical charting,
    [color=#00309c]accu checks and much more...
    [color=#00309c]the complete qma course consists of 60 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of clinical rotations,
    [color=#00309c]it is the students responsibility to find a clinical site to perform their 40 hours of clinical rotations and are encouraged to do so in the facility where they are currently employed. the cost of the course is $850.00
    [color=#00309c]if you are currently working as a cna, you should ask if your facility will pay your tuition to become a qma, many facilities will do so!
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