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Hi everyone! I am a new user, and wanted, first to say HI!! Secondly, I wanted to share a disheartening experience. Last week, I was getting my vaccinations done so that I can start my clinicals,... Read More

  1. by   researchrabbit
    Just shows to go ya....some people aren't sensitive ENOUGH to be nurses!

    Can't believe she said that to you! We're not Rambo, we're nurses (OK, some of you out there may be Rambo nurses, but it's not a requirement).

    Not only that, but she dinged research too!

    And just to put in my plug...research patients need a lot of sensitivity on the part of the nurse. For one thing, it's scary to think you are a "guinea pig" which is the perception most people have -- and to be fair, some research groups are more interested in the outcome than the patient, but for most the safety and well-being of the patient is first). We have a lot of folks participate who just can't afford any other kind of regular health care.
  2. by   researchrabbit
    PS Talk about chicken nurses. There is a reason I resisted nursing school for more than 20 years and it had a lot to do with vomiting every time I smelled something mildly yucky and feeling faint at the sight of blood (having children and pets to care for cured me of that pretty quick!).