1. Hi everyone,

    I just got a job where I'm working for an elderly lady. She just doesn't want to sleep home alone so all I have to do is sleep overnight, which is a pretty easy job. Getting paid while sleeping.
    However, the lady is addicted to smoking. When I close the doors at night I can bearly breathe because of her smoking. I don't want to risk my health by being a seconhand smoker.
    What do you think I should do, quit or do you know a way I can prevent myself from affected by her smoking.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi hanginginthere,

    I used to work in an office of stock brokers and they had a back conference room where they would smoke cigarettes and cigars and drink beer and liquor. They had one of those special electric air cleaners that's supposed to reduce the smell of smoke and they also had a lot of plug in air ionizers around the office. I don't know if these products actually clean the air (reducing the effects of 2nd hand smoke) or just reduce the smell of smoke and I also don't know how much these things cost. I know you can find air ionizers at Sharper Image. You could try their web site.
    We would also spray a cinnamon smelling liquid on the floors and upholstrey which seemed to help if you don't mind the smell of cinnamon.

    I'd go to a cigar store near you and ask what they would suggest. You can usually order air cleaners through them.

    Doing all of the above worked pretty good except when all of them would smoke at the same time. The above would probably work pretty well for just one person.

    When you go to her house do you have your own bedroom or do you just sit in a common area of the house like the living room? If you have your own room I would always keep the door closed and try the above products in that room.

    Whether or not you continue to work for this woman I guess really depends on how much you are making and if it's worth it to spend money on something that will help clean the air. If you're worried about the job market in your area maybe you could stay there through the summer by staying near an open window.

    Good Luck to you!

  4. by   hanginginthere
    hi Colleen10,

    Thank you for your advice.