Hello to all

  1. Just thought I would say hello - just joined and trying to figure out how to use this. Does anyone have a good website or book where I can get some good educational handouts to give to my home health patients on various diseases, meds, etc???
    thank you!
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  3. by   DarciaMoonz
    Welcome Nurse Karri! I don't have any specific sites for you to go to, but as a nursing student, I have had to do patient teaching on a number of occassions, and I always use webmd. I like the fact that the material on whatever disease process is written in terms that just about everyone can understand. I used them for a presentation I had to do on STDs and it was wonderful. Got straight to the point. I think there is another site called springnet that is also good. Allnurses also has a plethora of links to find information that is helpful. Good luck in your search, and once again Welcome.
  4. by   jimthorp
    Check with your local health department.
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  6. by   Nurse Karri
    wow thanks everybody! and thank you darciamoonz - i am going now to check out htat site! how is school going for you? are you almost done?