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  1. Hi, How is everyone today?:wink2: Well am a single mom of 4 wonderful children. I have been in the medical field for well lets say alot of years, and I love every minute of it. My mother died when I was 16 years old, then and there I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and that was to be a nurse and to help anyone and everyone I could. I have a problem and maybe someone out there can help point me in the right direction.
    I finally finsihed school, received my ASN degree ( it took me a while but I did it). But what I didn't know was that the school was not accepted by the Board of Nursing, when I sent in my application to take NCLEX I was told that they needed to be approved, which I did, sent my paperwork to the school and they were to foward all forms and transcripts for processing. Now they are telling me that they can't fill out the papers, not because of my grades I had a 3.6 GPA, but due to policy. My question is can anyone help me, is there another way around this, or can I challenge NCLEX. I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks TAM
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Which state are you living in?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Oh my goodness. What does your BON suggest that you do?
  5. by   starryx2
    Oh my gosh, how horrible for this to happen to you, especially after all you have been through to get that degree.
    I ask too what state you are from, and ask if you have spoken with your state BON.

    I never knew that a school can exist that is not accredited,

    I would definitly speak to your board of nursing, and shame on the school for giving you a hard time regarding this.

    The other thing I would say is to see if you can transfer your credits to another program, and get a degree from an accredited university.

    I wish you luck and keep us posted!
  6. by   TAM01
    I live in MD, but would like to move to someplace warm. I don't like MD winters. I did speak with the BON, but rules are rules they say. It just seems like everything has gone wrong for so long, I just feel that I can't get anywhere.
  7. by   bargainhound
    re: "someplace warm"

    Oklahoma winters are mild most of the time.

    However, the nursing pay,etc is not the best you will find.
    The pay is better around Tulsa area compared to Oklahoma City area.

    Cost of living is low compared to other states...........so, your dollar does
    go further than some states.

    I think if I was looking to move I would thoroughly look at all aspects
    and make a visit to check out supermarket prices, rent/mortgage costs,
    etc before actually making the decision on which state to pick.