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He is only 40 years old. He went to the dentist and coded. They did CPR. Sometimes that's not a good thing. He is now in a permanent vegetative state. He has a trach. His secretions are so thick... Read More

  1. by   love02048
    I think that no matter how long you have been a nurse, you're still a person first and that person has feelings,. Other wise why would you have choosen this terrible field to be in. you know the screwy hours, that "great job" slap on the back, ya right. If any one besides my patients ever give compliments it's the aids that have been turned around by me to become nurses and the few EMT's that I have talked into become the best they can be, by doing the same and getting that degree. I have had the opportunitiy to convert a few LPN's into becomming RN's only for the $$. Because were I was working at the time we all did the same and the LPN's did it best. Sincerely, Debbie In Massachusetts :kiss