have an interview tomorrow, but im sick!

  1. hello everyone.

    im about to graduate next month from nursing school. my first interview for an RN New Grad position is tomorrow. but i lost my voice over the weekend, and im sniffling every minute...

    this is the job i SOO want to get. it's for an ICU position.

    unfortunately, i don't think i can go because i feel HORRIBLE.

    what are my chances of getting hired if i reschedule the interview due to an illness? i'm sooo worried, i really want to get hired at this particular facility & unit!! please, advice anyone??
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  3. by   mudget
    My advice...If you want this job, get to the interview. Take some cold meds and pull it out. Practice the standard responses to their questions, do your best and you'll do fine. In reality, the interview will probably only last a few minutes. Good luck to you.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Let us know what you decide and how things go. Feel better soon!
  5. by   jojotoo
    Pull yourself together, MEDICATE, go to the interview!
  6. by   BJLynn
    Tank up on the drugs, haul yourself there, do your best to imitate a "well person", and you won't regret it.
  7. by   TemperStripe
    I have to disagree. It really angers me when people come to work sick. They are putting everyone at risk. If I were interviewing you and you showed up visably ill, I would not be happy. Would you be able to call and reschedule?
  8. by   Honeybun1206
    i ended up calling first thing in the morning to reschedule. luckily the recruiter said she understood, and she wanted me feeling my best for the interview. i was worrying over nothing... i hope! thanks to all who replied!
  9. by   phoenix72
    I'm so glad it went okay for you. I was a Recruiter until very recently and never had a problem rescheduling an interview. It only bothered me when someone would reschedule then either show up late, need to reschedule again, or no show to the interview all together. You'll do your best when you're in top form. Good luck!!!