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  1. Ok, now that my class is over I'm looking for a job as a CNA. So, yesterday a classmate of mine and I went to apply at two hospitals. I took my resume and when I filled out the applications, I included my previous work history even though it wasn't healthcare related. (I used to do phone center customer service). Was I right to do it this way? I needed to show that I was working before I started to persue the healthcare field right? My friend didn't take a resume and only included her most recent job. BTW I did change my resume to have my education at the top of the page instead of the bottom to kind of highlight my long term goal of becoming an RN...
    Does anyone who has changed fields like this have any advice?
    Also, how many of you CNA's gone into an acute care hospital as oppossed to LTC? Which do you think is better for a student?

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  3. by   Stargazer
    Sharon, for your very first healthcare position of course you're going to have to include prior work experience. It may not speak directly to your ability to take care of patients, but it does show a potential employer that you know about responsibility, accountability, and showing up on time, and that you have a work ethic.

    Normally I loathe "objective statements" on resumes, but the one time it's definitely appropriate is when you're changing careers or specialties. Your objective statement could say something like: "To obtain experience as a CNA while pursuing an ADN/BSN degree."
  4. by   SeptSue
    Hi Sharon Including your previous work experience is valuable, even though it wasn't in the health care field. It does indicate your ability to organize, to accept responsibility, to work with others. I was a CNA before I became an RN and my first job as a CNA was on an acute care unit where I learned a lot.