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  1. by   nursingisok
    Quote from MassED
    or arranging flowers.... just music in the background and a cool breeze from an open window.... ahhhhhh
    Yah that sounds good too.seriously.
  2. by   R*Star*RN
    Not all nursing is the same but there is a downside to every type. I recently left floor nursing to go into home health and so far it seems like a great fit, but I have to admit that being the case manager for 25-30 patients seems a bit daunting (I am still on orientation). The people that I have talked to in home health and hospice at my agency love it and would never go back to floor nursing.

    But if you like the adrenaline of the ED then maybe something more intense would be better for you. How about flight nursing? I also know of some ambulance companies that ues RNs.