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Sorry folks but I really feel the need to blow off a little stress today. I just have to wonder if any of you have found yourself suffering healthwise because of a patient? Here is my problem. I... Read More

  1. by   duckie
    Originally posted by TopazStone:
    <STRONG>What about taking care of you? Is there a quiet office where you can go meditate for a few minutes to regain your calm? Take a headset with some soft music, put your feet up and just count your breaths over and over to ten. Get a massage, soak in a hot tub and remember, you can't carry the world on your shoulders </STRONG>
    You know what...in some ways this episode with high blood pressure has motivated me to take a better look at me, and I have made several life changing decisions. I AM going to quite smoking, not gonna be easy BUT I want to live and this has got to happen to ensure I won't be huffing and puffing down the halls where I work within the next few years. Also, I am going on a diet and loose 50 pounds. Boy, don't you all envy my family? I sure hope they don't decide to put me up for adoption. I'm going to see my doctor and discuss all of my plans with him and make certain he is in agreement. I got an exercise bike and I am going to start riding it daily and I'm gonna concentrate on making ME feel good for right now, even if my doc says to take a little time off. I really feel that nurses are the wosrt patients because we are so used to putting everyone above us and taking care of their needs. Well, I have a precious family that I adore and I want to live a long time loving them, so, I'm gonna go for it. So if you says your prayers, please ask God to bless Duckie. By the way, you are all terrific and I thank you so much for your support.....BIG HUG!