Hardest nursing classes?

  1. Hello, all nurses and nursing students. I am starting nursing classes in 2 weeks. I have finished my prerequisites and took Microbiology and Anatomy & Phyisiology II this summer (very short semester with 2 weeks of classes cancelled by teacher, but still tested on all material). I was hoping things wouldn't get too much harder than this (I did well, but studied ALOT). I was wondering what some of you thought were the hardest classes. (So I'd know what I have to look forward to)
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  3. by   sheila26
    I just graduated from nursing school this past May. My hardest nursing class I thought was Medical/Surgical Nursing. They give you a lot of disease processes for every body system in a short amount of time. Expecting to learn all of disease and disorders + writing care plans for clinicals...was a nightmare.

    After taking med/surg, the rest of the nursing classes were a "breeze".

    Good Luck with your nursing classes!!

  4. by   lesliee
    I'm also a recent grad. For me, the hardest nursing classes were Theory classes! Ugh... Good luck with your schooling - I bet your excited about finally starting nursing classes after all those pre-req's!
  5. by   hollykate
    Personally, I disliked community nursing (thus I am now in ICU as far from community as I could go, i suppose). I think, and our posts show it, that it is very individual. I loved med surg, and didn't find it difficult, but hey, most people found community interesting and even fun... I actually thought the prereq's- my genetics, ana and Phys. cell bio, immunology were tougher classes than the actual nursing classes- but I think it depends on the school. Enjoy School!
  6. by   Lulu_camel
    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I am really excited about school, but scared too. thanks again.