1. i went to give haldol IV through the Y port and saw that it immediately precipitated. i realized that i had a pb running, that hadn't even crossed my mind...it must be incompatable with rocephin, i scolded myself and moved on. now that i'm home (no time last night) i'm looking it up and i don't see where it says specifically that they would interact. am i missing something here?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Page 651 of 2007 Intravenous Medications, 23rd edition, by Betty L. Gahart and Adrienne R. Nazareno says this about IV Haldol: "INCOMPATIBLE WITH: One manufacturer recommends that haloperidol not be mixed in syringe or solution with any other drug. May form a precipitate with heparin. Flush line or heparin lock before and after haloperidol administration."
  4. by   all4schwa
    now i know!!
  5. by   maolin
    I hate haldol - a very cranky med (incompatible with just about everything) and I personally don't find it very effective on my pts. I'll take a big dose of ativan or propofol anyday! In agitated intubated pts at least.