Had my First Pedi Code today... - page 2

i've been a nurse 2 years, never had a pedi code, let alone an adult code. i dont know how i did it. this was a trached baby with a plug - i didnt think i knew what to do, but i did. baby... Read More

  1. by   suanna
    If ever your patient codes (adult or pedi) and you don't get a little shook-up you have been doing this too long. It sounds like you did fine!- I've seen seasoned nurses lose it in a code and lock up. I've suffered from "brain freeze" myself- that's why you call a code TEAM. Hears hoping you never have so many codes the it becomes just another day.
  2. by   canoehead
    I remember my first code, they asked for a bag, and I was like "what's a bag and where do I find one?" This was after about 4 years of experience and going through the crash cart about once a week. You did SUPER!