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I work the next 3 nights (12-hr shifts), then off ONE, work 2 more nights, then off ONE, then work one more. Man, I dont know how I am going to make it. This sucks. Anyone else had to work... Read More

  1. by   salwalwol
    I do the scheduling on our unit and everyone is on a track. So everyone can tell when they will be working. Every other weekend is 3 days off.
    I tried to change it and got Major complaints from 90% of the staff.
    Talk to you manager, see if they can work something out..
  2. by   crb613
    We also do a version of self scheduling. I work Sun, Mon, & Tue. when its my weekend (every 3rd) I work Sat, Sun & Mon. So it gives you some good time off. I work nights so the 1st day is a waste, this makes it a little easier.