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We as Nurses know this one. We even know little cute ways to know how long to wash them(i.e. alphabet song, happy birthday, etc.). A new study conducted by our University Hospital's Medical Tech... Read More

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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Thanks Barley, well that's one strike against the water bottles, Mr. Harvey might be on to something. I know my dogs automatic 1 Gallon waterer has an Antimicrobial/Bacteriastatic. I bet someone out there knows more about what I am going to say, if you do- please comment, but there's some chemical in some plastics that "mocks" estrogen. I think it has been outlawed(not sure) but women who have breast cancer or reproductive organ cancers in their families were advised to throw away old plastic Tupperware, cups, etc. because it could leach into food and liquids- especially if heated(i.e. hot food and drinks, left in hot car, or fluid stored for long periods). I will research this, it's a 3 letter chemical starting with "B."
    You're thinking of BPA, I believe....
  2. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    You got it, thanks! Just got back from Medscape. That's some nasty stuff, women- do not leave your water bottles in cars or in direct sunlight(regardless of family history). I read about one women who worked in construction who had 11,500 times normal levels of estrogen, was traced to BPA.

    Even though it had been removed from most bottled waters plastic- there are still trace amounts of "estrogen/androgen like" molecules that the body can mistake for the hormones. Still going to study up on it- but think about how many times a day we touch plastic.