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  3. by   RN4NICU
    i like the page whining about being paid peanuts and being trapped in indentured servitude. granted, managed care and insurance companies have essentially ruined health care, but come on. just because they don't rake in a half million dollars per year, doesn't mean they're having to apply for food stamps.

    oh, and lets not overlook the disdain about being referred to as "dear provider" rather than dear doctor, dear sir, or dear god.

    [color=#8b4513]thus lumping me together with everyone else in the hospital from nurses to nurses' aides to physical therapists to pharmacists, all of whom are "providers" of health care at some level.

    omg - being lumped in with those darn nurses... i'm sure he wil require therapy for the humiliation and degradation he suffers over this.
  4. by   Katnip
    I just read an article yesterday that at least a couple of insurance companies are raising medical malpractice permiums 40%. No matter how you look at it, that's a huge increase.

    My uncle was a vascular surgeon. Between the long hours and the high cost of practice, he said it really wasn't worth the hours he had to work. So he quit and he and his wife became greengrocers.

    Yes, they make a lot of money and get good perks. But they also have huge liability, overhead, and staff to pay, so that fee they are charging doesn't go straight to their pockets.

    This site though really comes across as whiney and unprofessional.