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I am 16 and going into my senior year of high school, and I want to go to community college to start school for either graphic design or nursing. Ideally, I would be able to take a few courses in... Read More

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    Also, I have another nursing related question. Eventually, if I want to work with newborns, but not necessarily "high risk" newborns, what area would that be? Maternity, neonatal? I feel sort of clueless.
    any newborn that has to be hospitalized is high risk unless its just been born, and its on its way home. THat would be maternity... normal newborn nursery, labor and delivery, mother-baby units... depends on the hospital.

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    Thanks for all of your advice, I've decided that nursing seems like the best choice and I'm going to get a head start on prerequisites during my senior year starting in a few months...I'm excited
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    Well..that's two completely different professions. I had a hard time figuring out what to apply for when it came time to decide. You really only know if you like nursing while you're taking it in school. You'll probably figure it out within the first year. It can be a hard profession but it is also a rewarding one. My cousin is actually taking graphic design and she is very good at it, but she says it's hard. Lots of work. I think if you really research both career paths extensively maybe you'll have a better idea.

    Quote from carrot_thief
    I am 16 and going into my senior year of high school, and I want to go to community college to start school for either graphic design or nursing. Ideally, I would be able to take a few courses in each to see which I am more interested in, but there are too many prerequisites for nursing to do that, and I don't have the money for both. I've always been really pulled towards art and design and I have a talent for it, but nursing is something I would really love to do because of the nature of it, helping other people. It probably sounds cliche, but I am most interested in neonatal nursing. Also, graphic design means long hours working alone on computers while nursing would have much more social interaction. I've always had good grades, 4.0 gpa, but I have real trouble in math and chemistry. If I study hard enough I can slide by, but would this be enough in nursing school? I know I have a year to think about it and make a decision, but any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.
  4. by   Gompers
    A story much like my own! When I was 16 I was torn between architechture/interior design...or neonatal nursing. I went with the nursing, and let me tell you, I am SO glad I did!

    I will always be able to get a job, somewhere, doing some sort of nursing. The field is wide open right now, and the shortage is just going to get worse. You'll have absolutely NO PROBLEM finding a job after graduation if you choose nursing.

    Now, graphic design...I know at least 10 people my age who got their degrees in that. Maybe 5 of them have good jobs, but only 3 of those are jobs that actually involve graphic design. The others are unemployed or working at a low-paying job that doesn't even require a high school diploma. Most of these people went into the field because they wanted to turn their creativity into a career. The problem with any of the arts is that you can't always do that. There just aren't enough jobs to go around, so competition is nasty. Even the ones working in graphic design don't necessarily like their jobs because they just aren't able to be as creative as they thought - they're pretty much told what to do and it's a matter of getting the project done by a certain deadline. They sometimes find themselves having artistic blocks, or resenting their work. I'm just trying to explain what I've seen so often over the past few years in my circle of friends and relatives.

    I mean, of course you should go with your heart, but honestly nursing is the better career choice. You could always do what I did - I got my nursing degree and work full-time as an RN, but I still spend time nurturing my artistic side. I take art classes at the community college sometimes, or just relax with my sketchpads at home. I watch all kinds of TV programs on interior design and architechture. I have awesome computer programs that let me design, build, and decorate model houses. It's wonderful - it gives me a hobby and lets me stay artistic. It's never a job, a chore, or anything like that. I just do it for me, for fun.

    The suggestion to shadow a nurse in your local hospital, especially in the area you're interested in, is a great idea. Good luck!!!

    p.s. There really aren't many jobs out there in nursing for taking care of healthy newborns, that's the only thing. Most hospitals encourage new moms to keep their newborns in their own rooms, rather than in the nursery, and most moms and babies are discharged from the hospital within 1-3 days. The nurses take care of both moms and babies, and once in a while you might be just in the nursery but usually not. You might like working with moms in labor, supporting them while giving birth, helping them heal afterwards, and teaching them how to care for their new babies. Or else you might like a neonatal ICU that cares for less sick infants - called a level 2 or special care nursery. The one I work in (level 3) cares for some very sick babies, but let me tell you, I do it because I love working with babies so much. It's so rewarding when they survive and I see them go home at last! I get such personal satisfaction and fulfillment from my job as a nurse, and there's no way a career in the arts would ever make me feel the same way. There is nothing like helping other people get better!
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    sugarmagnoliamom...great story!

    carrot...don't let the science or math turn you off to nursing. one of the greatest things about school is finding out that you can do it! when i made my first a i was a happy camper. i thought i couldn't do it...but i did! there is nothing more satisfying than conquering your fears. then again the best things in life are those that you have to work hard at and hard for... think about it!