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I was elected to give the short speech on behalf of my classmates at graduation! I have never had to do this! Does anyone have any ideas? Did you guys have a studnet speak at your ceremony and if so... Read More

  1. by   kj541
    I have to write a speech for graduation? Any ideas or past speechs used that are funny and can help make light of the day? HELP!!!!
  2. by   srenealove
    I am in the same situation I need any and all help with ideas for my speech at our pinning ceremony.
  3. by   MissDoodaw
    I am speaking at our pinning ceremony in a week! If anyone could send me a copy of their speech I would appreciate it - I promise not to steal, I just need a concrete example. I am so excited and so nervous and I need some help...please!
    Thanks in advance
  4. by   Tee_51
    Oh, please, please HELP! I'm dying here. I was asked to speak on behalf of my class at the Pinning Ceremony and I don't have a clue of what to say. How personal should it be? Any ideas for a topic? Any examples? Thanks for the help.

  5. by   hbcnurse
    hey will you send me a cop??? thanks
  6. by   hbcnurse
    will someone send me a copy of their speech i have to speak @ our pinning ceromony too?? thanks
  7. by   hbcnurse
    Quote from Mizzyfrufru
    I spoke at our graduation & pinning ceremony. feel free to pm me and I can share it with you if you'd like. basically I did thank the instructors and families for thier contributions and then spoke directly to our class. ......

    will you help me
  8. by   eranne
    Hi everyone,

    I am getting pinned May 8th yeah!! My problem is I have to present gifts to the President of the Medical Center we did clinicals at and to the president of the college and to our clinical instructors....any ideas Help Please!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   KPRNurse
    I am was also chosen to speak at my pinning ceremony in a couple of weeks... I read that some of you who responded are willing to share your speeches... Any chance you would share with me?

  10. by   KPRNurse
    Would you be willing to share your pinning/graduation speech with me? Thanks
  11. by   eranne

    I only did the speeches for the presentation of the gifts we purchased but I had to do 3 seperate speeches. The president speeches were short and the instructor speeches were longer, but not too long. ANd I did the instructor speeach a a group, not for each instructor. Ill email them to you if you want an idea.

  12. by   CASailorGal
    I too was chosen by the class to give a speech at our pinning ceremony. Help! :imbar Anyone care to send an example to me.

    signed clueless speaker
  13. by   eranne
    Quote from CASailorGal
    I too was chosen by the class to give a speech at our pinning ceremony. Help! :imbar Anyone care to send an example to me.

    signed clueless speaker

    Hey clueless,

    Just talk about why you wanted to become a nurse, and how grateful you were to be choosen into the program as were your classmates. Then thank the director of your program for picking such a great class to be part of. Oh and dont forget the Pres or Dean of your school thank him/her for being such a support for the nursing program.

    Good Luck and Congrats,