Got a second opinion

  1. For those who read my first post about the loan forgiveness work commitment program and the taxes I asked a second person who would know more about it and she told me that there will not be that much taxes taken out. I orginially thought that they would take out 50% of $19,400 in taxes which would be $9,200 over 2 years because that is how the lady in financial aid explained it to me. Well it turns out that 50% of the $19,400 will be taxed so only $9,200 will be taxed over 2 years time which will resort to MUCH less. It will be about $50 taken out each pay period rather than $176 each pay period.

    I was not going to let it rest until I spoke to someone who could tell me for sure 100%
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  3. by   live4today
    Congrats Tonya on your May 18th graduation into the world of new nursing grads! I applaud you my dear, and wish nothing but the best for you and your little one! YOU MADE IT!!! Take time to simply BREATHE once you are done. (((((hugs)))))) :kiss
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    Thank you!!! Today was my pinning ceremony and it was beautiful!!! I tried not to cry. It was hard though. I will be taking 3 weeks off before I start. The recruiter asked me if I wanted to start on the 19th because she said a lot of the new grads from my school who will be working at that hospital is starting then. I said that is the day after graduation and I need a little break. Most of the girls in my class are moving out in their own places and/or getting married. Since I am doing neither one money is not a huge concern for me like it is for them. However, it will by July when I estimate my savings for living expenses while in school runs out.

    I will start reviewing for NCLEX though.

    Again Thank you!!! :kiss and ((((((Hugs))))))