good sites for CEU online

  1. I know of and ..anyone have any favorite sites that offer online CEU classes?
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    Also, American Journal of Nursing has at least two in each issue.
  5. by   Moogie

    Challenging but you can learn a lot!
  6. by   Neveranurseagain
    I like I just finished Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and it was difficult but I passed and did learn quite a bit. I've taken and they were cheap but classes too basic and too easy.
  7. by   thekid
    thank you! lots of options here!
  8. by   KneKno
    here's my reference list, mostly free 1 free ce/month. register, it's free sort by price, then go to last page, a few are free heavy duty stuff, just scroll down, several of the first ones are free 3&ip_test_id=&ip_company_code=medt
    free, compliments of pharmaceutical compaines not a free one, but 30 hrs for $30 long articles, i print them off to refer back to for the tests i print these ones off, too
    this is a directory of "educational opportunities." if you search the site for education, there's a long list, several are free