Giving the Manager my Brains - page 2

What do you think about a manager asking for my notes I take during a telephone report so he can save it "to show to JCAHO?" The manager also wants everyone to use the same "brains" instead of... Read More

  1. by   Natkat
    The hospital where I am clinicals now has a sheet that we use to get report, but it it not considered part of the permanent record. I think I would have an issue with that too.

    The clinic I work for is involved in a lawsuit, so anything, ANYTHING that we write on a piece of paper has to be saved. This is not a JCAHO requirement. This is just to satisfy the terms of the lawsuit. As an aside, though, no is standing over us to make sure we do it.

    Bottom line - I guess it varies from one facility to another for various reasons. If it's not a requirement, I certainly wouldn't turn them over to anyone. I'd shred them too.