ginko biloba????

  1. I am not into herbs and alternative therapies or supplements/enhancements so I am leary to try much of anything, hate taking meds, etc...

    But with Med-Surg final day after tomorrow (and nothing is sticking) my friend offered me some ginko biloba that she takes and swears it works. I am currently doing some research on it as you read this, but I thought I would drop this in and get some real life testimonials.

    Does this work or is it an old wives tale? If it did work for you how long were you on it before you noticed a difference?
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  3. by   JentheRN05
    It works pretty good, but long term it seemed to make memory worse.
    What I swear by, and yes there are definitive documentations on this is
    1. Chew gum while studying and during the final
    2. Not just any gum - peppermint gum


    These are documented positive memory boosters.
    The chewing and peppermint is a stimulant to the memory centers
    coffee wakes you up
    and nicotine is also a memory enhancer