Gifts from Patients? - page 2

Today was my 1st clinical at Med-Surg unit. It went out great (except those butterflies knots in my tummy). At the end of the shift, my client wanted to give me gifts (small gifts like phone card,... Read More

  1. by   ?burntout
    We are given flowers, cake, candy, food baskets all the time...and our manager has no problems with it.

    When I first started working, one of my patients had a beautiful, wooden vase (it was small) with flowers in it-I told them I had never seen anything like it. Next day, she was discharged and her DH gave me the vase! I didn't want to take it, but my charge nurse said that something small like that was ok.

    I have been offered money, but I always decline to take it...I tell them that they need to just keep it.
  2. by   kc ccurn
    Every hospital has a policy. Ours states that we can't accept gifts over $50.00. Usually the gifts are food in nature. One family did give out gift certificates for a spa day to the nurses that took care of their son. These were received after he was discharged.