Gifts for New Nurses

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    I am applying to nursing school and I am wondering what things a new student nurse might need besides the obvious-drug reference, blood pressure cuff, stethescope, PDA, comfortable shoes. I am hoping to start next Spring or Fall. I'm hoping asking for Christmas presents related to nursing won't jinx my chances of getting into niursing school.

    Student Nurse to be hopefully
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  3. by   iHeartNICU
    Hey there vtprenursingstudent. Are you from Vermont? I went to VT to see the fall foliage the first week of October. Wow! Gorgeous!

    Anyways, I'm a 3rd semester student and some things I am thinking of besides what you have already listed are: a nice bag/backpack to carry everything to clinicals. We normally have a lot to bring. Also bandage scissors, penlight, lots and lots of pens. A clipboard comes in handy because in patient's rooms there's not always something to write on....although sometimes they can be more of a hindrance than a help. I may be the only one who would think of this but a small wallet. The kind where you can fit your driver's license, a credit card, and a few dollars maybe. You know, the small thin ones. I wouldn't want to carry my whole wallet around. Oh, another thins is skin colored underwear...that is if your school has the lovely all white uniform like mine. This is about all I can think of right now. Good luck w/ your acceptance to NS.
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    I just want to say Be confident of what you do.Never look back.
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    How about a good lotion- you will be washing your skin off. Then there is alcohol gel. I am not a new nurse but just ask my hubby for a new electric BP cuff and temporal thermometer for christmas. Not sure if students can use those or not. I also recommend good socks and a big container of foot power. There is also a need for a good scope.....
  6. by   futurecnm
    Hi, good luck on your nursing career! I am a first year nursing student. Your school will possibly be selling the preferred stethoscope so you might want to wait to see what they recommend. I did not buy my own blood pressure cuff, as we did all that in school and I practiced there. Once you know how, you don't really need your own cuff. You could also borrow one to practice with. A good bag is a must have. One that can hold many books. Some people do the rolling bags but I just have a nice black Jansport over the shoulder bag. A backpack would probably be more comfortable. I wouldn't buy any books until you get your book list from school. Some other things : pens and pencils, small notepads to write notes on in clinicals, white shoes, good socks, beige underwear for under white pants, white long sleeve shirts for under scrub shirt, penlight, medical scissors, calander, watch with a second hand for taking vital signs.