Ghost in the past...

  1. Almost 5 years ago when I was an LPN I worked at a nursing home. It was a bad nursing home. I was given a desk job and joined the nursing administration team when I started to complain. They thought I could motivate my peers to do the right thing when I was on their side of the fence.

    Anyway, I finally moved far away and got a wonderful job in a wonderful hospital.

    Now I'm moving again. I was writing my resume and couldn't remember the address or zipcode for the nursing home. I typed the name, city and state into the search engine... I get a warning that this nursing home has had "G" citations for the past 3 years, etc, etc.

    Should I feel bad about having it on my resume? Will anyone hold that against me?
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    I am probably wrong but if you omit something from a job app isn't that like falsifying your application? I would have a difficult time giving good sound advice because I have never been in charge of hiring or not to know what exactly they are looking at... I know from what I've seen on the outside that if you gotta license then you gotta job! If I were in your situation I guess I'd ask myself, how long did I work there and how will I account for that period of time, did I gain any experience in the position that would look good on my resume? Also is there a remote chance that someone will know the place by reputation or are you just afraid they will check it out on the internet or possibly this is an ethical dilema whether to delete or not... Let's face it, we are judged by where we work... I have had people say oh you work there... Think about what you are going to put for your reason for leaving if you decide to add the job to your resume...
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Oh wait after re-reading you were there over 5 years ago and the place got the bad citation only 3 years ago... hmmmm I can't imagine even if the perspective new job found out about the bad reputation how they could fault you for something that happened 2 years after you were gone??? But like I said, I have never been in the position of hiring etc... I guess I'd try to make sort of lite of that job on my resume, don't go too overboard talking about the place. I think the last thing I would want to hear is how bad the place was but rather perhaps what you did to make a difference...I don't know... Maybe someone with more experience can help with this one...
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    Put it on the resume.
    I don't think it will make any difference and it's better than leaving a "hole" in your work history.
    If they question you about it you can say you weren't happy with the teamwork there and decided to move on. Lord knows that nurses change jobs now and then.
    Good luck.
  6. by   catlady
    I agree with Rusty, assuming you were at this facility for any significant length of time. If you leave it out, you're going to have a gap that you might have to explain. If you weren't there very long, you could leave it out. You're probably not going to be asked the specifics about any particular employer anyway, but only about the type of experience you have.

    To nursegoodguy's point, I don't happen to believe it's falsifying your app to leave jobs off. It would be lying to put jobs in you haven't held. Sometimes a job doesn't work out in a very short time, and there's no benefit to including it. It just takes up space on your resume, and your prospective employer has a limited attention span!
  7. by   ninaldunn
    Hey, thanks for the advice so far. I'm not going to leave it off - I'm a better nurse after working there just because I did do the nurse administrator side - I've walked a mile in their shoes.

    I tell you what - I will not tolerate working somewhere that does not strive to do the right thing.