Getting started as CNA?

  1. The place I work for now is going to be cutting back our hours because of slow business-so I thought that this could be a good opportunity to get some experience as a nursing assistant(I'm a student hoping to start nursing classes in 2002)-except I'm not really sure how to get started! I looked at job listings for my local hospitals & didn't really find too much, lots of positions for different techs, etc. I did find 1 listing for NA-certification recommended. What does the certification require? What other skills might be a plus? Also, I will only be able to work 1-2 days a week, would someone be willing to hire for such a limited amount to time? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   RN-2-BE
    From what it seems from previous posts, it looks as if being a CNA or PCA is the route to take if your a current nursing student. I am currently about half-way through my non-nursing courses and beginning my clinicals in a year and a half. I am setting up an interview with a local hospital which trains nursing students as PCA's. I of course have to go through an interview and take some type of "customer service" test, but hopefully all goes well. I have a very financially secure job here in downtown Chicago, but I hate it! It's boring and my mind is always thinking about nursing. If I do in fact get accepted to the PCA training, I will take a paycut, but the experience and knowledge I gain will be priceless, especially when I do begin my clinical part of nursing school. It's a sacrafice, but as they say... where there is a will, there is a way! All I did was call up the H.R. Dept. at the hospital and wa-la... I've got my foot "almost" through the door. Mention to them, you are a current nursing student... Good Luck!