getting hired at a hospital with non hospital experience

  1. Anyone successfully done this? I have a little hospital experience from before but over a year of clinic experience. I cannot seem to get a foot back in the door at a hospital. Having a little hospital experience seems to be worse than having none. I feel like I still need full orientation, and want to be honest. Any advice would be appreciated. TY
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  3. by   Forever21
    I worked in a hospital w/ non hospital experience as a CNA. I would suggest taking a PCT class. I did not take one though. I personally contacted the hospital's hiring manager and she said they would train me their basic. EKG's. BP just really the basics. I did the whole orientation there with other PCT. I worked in the E.R and it was fast pace. Good luck!!!
  4. by   honeykrown
    I was successful in doing it but i had to relocate (the big cities werent taking new grads/associates). Right out of nursing school, went to Homehealth and now work in a hospital
  5. by   ReWritten
    I graduated May 2010, never worked in healthcare before. I was a cashier at Target... I was hired on a med-surg/tele floor with no problem.