Getting back on the Horse

  1. Well, here is my story..I am just wanting your prayers and encouragement.

    I applied to a Nursing School two years ago, took the PSB test, Passed it with a high enough score to rate an interview out of 75 people (they only took 20). From that Interview I was selected to go into the Program. When I got to the orientatin meeting it came to their attention that I needed the Chemistry class because I was signed up for it. So I was dropped from the program. They were really sympathetic to me and asked me to come back in the Fall. I was so upset by this that I was determined to go to a Prestrigious University instead, even though I KNEW that I could NOT fit my job and family into their schedule. So I went, tried and made it through the first semester passing all my check offs but FAILED by 2 points!

    NOW I am reapplying to the same program that I chose in the first place and have just recently retook the PSB. I will know the results next week. Please think of me that all will go well. I sailed into this program the first time, sitting beside people who had tried 4 and 5 times before to pass this test. This time when the test was over there were 4 or 5 questions that I did not have time to answer and this "freaks me out" just a bit! Just remember me, Please! I know Nursing is in my blood! It is my calling......
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. I admire your persistance. It will pay off in the end for sure.
  4. by   jahra
    Good luck to you and God bless you!

    Saddle up and don't give up, keep riding toward your goal. Nursing and nursing school can
    be a challenge, but its worth it
  5. by   sweetpealoubylou
    I wish you the best of luck jhara crosses fingers and toes. I applied to a nursing course in the UK four times in 3 years and on the fourth one i got accepted. Keep those positive thoughts flowing in really helps.