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I've been coming to allnurses for a while. Mostly lurking. I have been a nurse for about 6 years and I am curious if nursing is really as bad as everyone says it is. We all know its just "nurse... Read More

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    Same with my job. While I feel the same way about my job (and am not a new grad), I wonder, where do they think they are going to go that it will be better? I feel bad for them. I've been around the block a few times, searching for that greener grass. It's bad everywhere, but worse in some places. Bottom line is, I don't want to stay there either
    St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO is the greener grass. I've only worked here and Hermann in Houston, but the difference is night and day. The CEO supports nursing, reprimands physicians for poor behavior, 8 week orientation, supportive nurse managers, bottom up decision making (via committees wherein you have the choice to participate or not.), staff that respects one another, our unit is 100% staff, it's a level one trauma center, not-for-profit, teaching facility, numerous clinical trials, CEUs paid for, floor patient staff ratio of 6:1 but I haven't seen it that high yet. I usually have 4:1 on a neuro floor, and salary in line with the rest of the area in KC. No one yells at me here, everyone is supportive, I love coming into work every day, and almost every patient I care for tells me how wonderful the nurses and staff are here and I always tell them, it's because this hospital supports it's staff. It happens: promise.
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    some days are diamonds and some days are rust.
    and, some days are rusty diamonds!
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    I am currently working in a great hospital as a traveller and have just extended for a 3rd contract, so I will be here till the end of May, then will go home for a few months. They are trying to get me to come as core staff. It is about as good as it gets when it comes to management, staffing ratios etc. BUT, I can't afford an $8/ hr cut in pay, loss of travel allowances and bonuses, as well as my $1000 monthly tax free housing stipends.......................
    I want to know where you are working so I can get a travel contract there. If you don't mind sharing with me about it, feel free to send me an email or private message. Thanks!

    I am looking into doing another travel nurse assignment myself for the same reasons you do travel nursing..........the bennies are farrrrrrrrr better than being a staff nurse.
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    and, some days are rusty diamonds!

    lol. the question being is it worth getting the rust remover out and work hard to get to the diamond?