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I went back to school to earn my BSN. We have recently been talking about the future of nursing and where we are headed as a profession. One of the topics that was discussed was BSN prepared nurses... Read More

  1. by   RachetRN
    Great debate!!
    I think Rosy said it best, but many others made excellent points. I would like to add my two cents...

    Get organized (the non-4-letter word 'Union' comes to mind) and support $$/join a strong lobby group. We as nurses address the power of advocacy for our patients on a daily basis -- why do we forget we need advocate's too?!?

    The thing that keeps us blue collar and not white is we DO NOT have a four year degree @ the entry level. I think the choice allows for more nurses (and we need to increase our volume) and differing levels of ability -- as Martha would say 'that's a good thing'

    The thing to draw even more nurses into the field would be better pay, better hours, and better bene's...so ask who controls the purse strings? Then lobby/pressure that group.